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How to Fall in Love?

Author: Robert Gabriel

Where are you now? What is your current status in love matters? Are you alone? Has your heart been broken? Or are you in a relationship but there are some doubts? Or maybe you are married or divorced? Please excuse these private questions but your status is crucial to know why you wish to find an answer to the title question.

By the way, the question is not serious to the end, it can’t be as how may it be possible to learn how to fall in love with someone? Is falling in love something that can be piloted? Can it be defined or described? Is it a state or rather a process? Is it permanent or only temporary? And is it the same as to love? All difficult questions – but as always in case of abstract terms.

Some say that you fall in love with someone when

  • you start feeling an emotional bound with this someone
  • you start longing for this someone
  • your thoughts circuit about what this someone said or did
  • you start dreaming about a common future
  • and you start noticing this someone whenever he or she shows up.

Is it true? Have you ever experienced these states, feelings or something comparable? And what is it that makes you now feeling uncomfortable about love matters?

Are you a single longing for meeting someone finally?

Are you in a relationship but as many times before there is something missing?

Or are you married and wish to experience a feeling of being in love again?

But no matter what your current status is, one thing seems to be common for all Loveseekers: Falling in love is nothing that can be acquired by learning and practicing. Falling in love comes when it comes and there is nothing that can be done about it. You cannot force yourself to fall in love with someone and no one can be caused to fall in love with you. It happens in a natural way and for love matters this is the healthiest one of all. Falling in love opens the door to happiness, joy and fulfilment and there is no room for any kind of compulsion and pressure. And no matter how strong you wish to be in love with someone if you don’t feel it, you just don’t feel it. Acknowledge it as this is your only choice and something that makes you grow emotionally! The worst thing you can do is to act against your feelings and the feelings of someone else.

There is – however – a way to raise your chances for falling in love and this is by understanding the process and the factors that may have an impact on your love feelings. But to do this you need to accept first that some things happen subconsciously and people react to very different elements they very often don’t even know about it.

Here is what defines and determines the falling in love process:

1. there is physical attractiveness or fascination from the very beginning meaning that – apart from what people usually say about the importance of the character and inner values – what counts the most, is the question if this someone possesses appearance features that you feel attracted by

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not about looking like a model or a Hollywood actor (this is general attractiveness but it’s maybe not enough to fall in love) but about having this something that draws attention to (this is real attractiveness – something that even only one person can feel). This might be the hair color, the eyes look, the voice sound, the smell, the way someone speaks or walks, general body movements, the way someone laughs or behaves or maybe a combination of different elements. And this is a very individual question because what one can see as very appealing, another one can treat as average and on the contrary. There are no standards for feeling attracted or fascinated by someone’s look but it’s completely sure that this is fundamental for the falling in love process. One need to feel great beside someone who is the chosen one and this comes only when this someone has the proper appearance.

2. the physical attractiveness is completed by a soul understanding meaning that what this someone says, thinks and believes is very close to what you say, think and believe or is very close to what you accept as attractive and interesting

Physical attractiveness is fundamental but it’s not enough to start building a love relationship. When there is no real conversation, no experience and dream sharing, no interest in someone’s life, no life vision and value importance coherence, no willingness to become a part of someone’s world, there is nothing and nothing leads to nowhere.

These two aspects – if felt on both sides at the same time – build the foundation of a probable love relationship and the rest is written in the stars.

And what does it mean for people in different love status?

If you are single, you probably haven’t met the right someone yet and this is maybe because you don’t use all the chances that the world has to offer every day. Raising your chance for falling in love goes hand in hand with intensifying your life activity. The more you visit places where people gather (and I don’t mean discos or pubs), the more chances you get.

If you are in a relationship or you’ve had several relationships where something has been missing, you probably haven’t met the right someone yet as well. But this is also a bad statement about yourself because why do you start a relationship with someone who is not the right person? And believe me when I say that people know it from the beginning. You shouldn’t deceive yourself thinking that maybe one day you will fall in love with this someone. It’s unfair towards this someone and yourself. Either there is being in love or there is no being in love.

If you are married and you have forgotten what it means to fall in love with your spouse because the falling in love part happened a long time ago, you should stop reading now as this is not the right article for you. You have probably met the right person but time has influenced your relationship in a negative way. Please wait for “How to fall in love again?” that is coming soon.

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