Learn To Fly & Paragliding

Learn To Fly And Paragliding

Author: Andrea Harris

The idea of paragliding appeals to every individual. Humans have always aspired and dreamt of flying in the open sky. Although airplanes were made in an attempt to satisfy the thirst of flying, yet it cannot be as rejuvenating and refreshing as flying by your own. Paragliding is a wonderful experience and once you undertake this activity, you will surely come back for more.

A paraglider looks like a sports parachute and is even categorized as an extreme sport. However, paragliders are always inflated before the pilot leaves the ground as compared to other sports parachutes. Paragliding is a sport of flying parachutes; these parachutes are designed and modified in order to make them glide in air.

Just like any other sports, paragliding also has its own risks. The aviation side of paragliding is very important, when it comes to safety. All pilots are trained to operate their aircraft safely, by minimizing potential risks. In some cases it’s a matter of pure judgment such as during a loom and landing. Or it might mean sticking rigidly to a check list while preparing to leave the ground. The joy of flying, year after year after year, is the reward for doing it right.

The pilot or the person who drives the parachute sits in a harness position which is suspended with the help of strong harness belts. Modern harnesses are designed to be as comfortable as a lounge chair in the sitting position. Many harnesses even have an adjustable ‘lumbar support’. The pilot can operate lines individually to turn in air, increase or decrease speed of gliding, pitch, speed and steepness of glide.

Although paragliding is a very exciting and thrilling sport, one should always take precautions to avoid the possibility of any mishap. So, follow the above tips and have a safe and wonderful paragliding experience.

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